Why study physical education?

The course encourages you to immerse yourself in the world of sports and physical education, providing performance and coaching opportunities, and delves into the how and why of physical activity and sport. You will develop a range of practical skills, such as communication, dealing with pressure, decision-making, and analysing and evaluating performance.

What will I learn about?

Physiological factors affecting performance
You will focus on key systems of the human body involved in movement and physical activity, developing your understanding of the changes within these body systems prior to exercise, during exercise, and during recovery. You will understand how changes in physiological states can influence performance, and develop appropriate skills to interpret data. You will also study biomechanics, focussing on force and its effect on human movement. You will be required to apply this knowledge to identify possible improvements in performance and the prevention and treatment of injury.

Psychological and socio-cultural themes
Focusing on the psychological factors affecting physical activities and sports, including:
• models and theories that affect learning and performance
• different methods of training and feedback – why their effectiveness differs from person to person
• group dynamics and goal setting
• the effects of leadership and stress on performers

Socio-cultural and contemporary issues
Extending on the component unit studied in year 12, this unit covers ever-evolving modern technology, used by both performers and spectators, and its influence on sport. You will look at its impact with practical examples used to show the effect of modern technology.

Performance (year 12)
You will be required to undertake two parts within this component:
• performance/coaching of a sport or activity
• analysis and evaluation of performance for improvement (EAPI) – you will identify an area of weakness within performance to prioritise for improvement and will propose an action plan to make improvements.

Performance (year 13)
You will be required to undertake both coaching and performance elements in this unit, proposing a long term development plan to improve areas of weakness, expanding on your knowledge.

How will I be assessed?

• Examinations
• Written assessment
• Practical assessment
• Coaching
• Performance

Future pathways and careers

• Physical education
• Sports physiology
• Physiotherapy
• Sports media
• Sports management
• Sports coaching
• Teaching and lecturing

Course level

A Level and AS

Entry requirements

GCSE at grade 5 in physical education. This must include a 5 in the theory exam.

Examination board



A Level GCE physical education H155/H555