Our main priority is to ensure that during the closure period, the impact on the education of our students is minimised as much as possible. In preparation for this, all will have access to learning resources for each of their subjects.

All students should aim to follow their normal timetable as closely as possible to ensure they remain on track with their learning.

Distance learning resources

At Hucknall Sixth Form Centre, resources can be accessed by visiting: www.hsfc-ac.org.uk/login

Please then follow these steps:

  • Select ‘Remote Access login’ – you will be taken to a new webpage
  • Login with your username and password. Your username takes the following format: hsfc\username (Change ‘username’ to your HSFC username)
  • After you’ve logged in, there is a “Remote Access login” button, please click this – this will bring up a normal Windows login box, use the same username and password you have just used.

You’re now on the remote access server. To access your documents or the student drives, please follow these steps.

  • To access documents, click on the start menu, there is then a button on the right-hand side that says “documents”
  • To access student drives, click on “Computer” on the left-hand side

Further information

Students without access to the internet or a home computer must contact 0115 9681657 and we will support with providing paper-based learning resources.