Congratulations to our incredible Year 13s Daisy Bingham and Amy-Leah Edwards who completed their final Performing Arts exam last Friday. They were given the stimulus of a black and white photo taken of one man wearing a suit and walking next to a river, they were then tasked with devising a performance between 10-20 minutes long.

They created an intricate and interesting piece looking at the life of fictional character, Charles Bingham, a man in the 1910s who married a woman but fell in love with another man, Charles could not accept his true self and pushes Roy (his lover) away, meanwhile his wife, Victoria is having an affair with his old friend and playboy, John. The piece concludes with Roy dying in the war, Victoria falling pregnant with Johns’ child and John running away, the couple forgive each other and Charles raises the child with Victoria as his own.

Our lovely year 9 audience thoroughly enjoyed watching and provided excellent feedback. A huge thank you to year 9 Evie Martin for stepping in as an unmarked candidate, an exceptional performance from all three of our outstanding students!