This half term, HSFC has been a hive of hard work and good deeds.

Students have worked hard to prepare for March Mocks, EPQ submissions and completing coursework/NEA. We hope they have an opportunity to rest and recharge over the break!

HSFC Trip to Peterhouse College Cambridge

On Wednesday 23rd February the Y12 students who are a part of the HE+ project visited Peterhouse College, Cambridge.

This visit allowed students to tour the facilities, meet current students, take testers in their preferred academic study areas and gain insight and advice on making competitive applications to top universities including Oxford and Cambridge.

The programme will continue through this academic year to support students in making the strongest UCAS applications possible in the autumn term.

Social action projects

Tutor groups at HSFC have continued to work well. 12 Adlington have raised over £300 for Birmingham Children’s and Kingsmill hospitals through sponsored activities. Cake sales have also raised money to support Twycross Zoo by 12 Mead; and we have collectively made donations to the #Sleep1000 campaign for Ukraine.



We hope all of our students and their families have a wonderful Easter break