We encourage all of our students to develop the skills essential to moving into higher education and employment – and we know that means much more than academic achievement alone. You will have access to opportunities both within and outside of lessons, so you can learn and hone new skills, or further develop your existing talents, to support you in life beyond Hucknall.

We encourage personal development and expect all students to participate in at least one aspect of our enrichment programme, which includes but is not limited to:

  • debating society
  • young enterprise
  • student council
  • self-defence for women
  • first-aid
  • sports and fitness
  • subject and literacy mentoring
  • performing arts
  • charity work

Each week we timetable an enrichment period, in which we invite external speakers in to deliver inspiring and informative sessions. These offer thought provoking discussion, reflection and independent research, and have previously included safe driving, drugs, safe sex, the importance of voting, banking, higher education and alcohol.