At Hucknall Sixth Form Centre we believe that having access to great facilities is important in supporting your education and progress.

We also know how important it is to socialise with friends, and our contemporary cafeteria means that you can grab a bite to eat, catch up with friends, or even study together as a group over a cup of coffee. In the Café, students are served excellent customer service by Bek. She regularly updates the sixth form about menu changes. For example, Ice Cream Day, Chinese New Year and pancake day. She is lovely to chat to and the food is splendid and priced appropriately.

The café is also a great communal place for students and for studying. Just outside the canteen, there are benches, suitable for hot weather.

Together with state-of-the art science laboratories and preparation rooms, modern classrooms, communal spaces and an inviting reception area, you will have the opportunity to develop in an environment conducive to learning.

Students’ hotspot in sixth form is the Learning Resources Centre (primarily known as the LRC). Here, it is very spacious, there is plenty of computers, bookshelves for certain topics and stationery for students to use for their studies.

It is also a rendezvous for students during lunch and break.

The LRC is open until 4:30 pm every weekday after school (apart from Friday where it closes at 3:45 pm) which provides students a quiet place to study.