Young Money – Centre of Excellence in Financial Education

Here at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre, we are equipping our students for the next exciting stage of their lives, whether that be in higher education, in an apprenticeship, or in employment.  Whichever route they choose to pursue, it is important that they know how to manage their money successfully. Staff are dedicated to supporting all students to develop their financial know-how so that they can embark on their path as financially independent individuals.

Students will receive their Financial Education as a part of their Tutor and Enrichment Programmes. Over the course of two years study at HSFC students will learn about

  • Banking
  • Budgeting
  • Payslips, taxes and National Insurance
  • Housing options
  • Personal financial safety
  • Post 18 career and education options – and their linked earning potential.

Advice and guidance

The following websites are useful to students (and their Parents/Carers!) in finding information to support financial education

Student finance

Applying for student finance when going to university can seem like a very difficult task. Please use these resources and links to support you in the process.

Student Finance England application form and guidance

The two below documents are also available to answer the frequently asked questions we get about loans and accommodation at university

All about loans

All about accommodation