On 27 March 2019, four of our year 12 girls (Sophie, Stevie, Emily and Phoebe) visited Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln with Mrs Shaw for a ‘girls in mathematics’ day. The event had been specifically designed to promote mathematics together with widening participation in other undergraduate STEM courses.

There were a number of engaging and interesting sessions throughout the day including a lecture from mathematician Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram from the University of Lincoln, a discussion about famous female mathematicians of the past, and a workshop focussed on ‘The 6 degrees of Separation’.

The final session was a panel discussion with six graduate professionals who have completed mathematics degrees and now work in very different industries and roles – this showcased how their degree impacts on their current careers and highlighted the wide range of pathways and careers available by doing a higher level maths qualification.

The day was thought-provoking and motivating, with all students feeling that it was a valuable experience.