December 2023

Hucknall Sixth Form Centre has provided a collaborative learning opportunity for sixth form students in Hucknall for a number of years, jointly run by the National Church of England Academy, part of the Minster Trust for Education, and The Holgate Academy and Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, both part of the Diverse Academies Trust.

Following an extensive period of review and evaluation, it is proposed that the use of the Hucknall Sixth Form Centre building will be phased out over the next two years. It is proposed that, with effect from September 2025, The Holgate Academy and the National Church of England Academy will each offer an 11-18 curriculum – including a comprehensive range of post 16 courses – on site, within their own academies. For the purposes of post 16 study, Queen Elizabeth’s Academy will be included within The Holgate Academy offering.

A spokesperson for Hucknall Sixth Form Centre said: “We are confident that this move is in the best interests of the partner academies, students and staff, allowing academies more autonomy over timetabling and the structure of their academy day, and enabling students to remain in a familiar environment to pursue post 16 studies with teachers they know, whilst taking advantage of the many enrichment opportunities available to them.

“The proposed transition will be carefully managed by a project board to ensure that the quality of education provided throughout is consistently of the highest standard, and any disruption to students will be kept to an absolute minimum.”

A consultation process has begun with the students, parents, carers and staff, with each of the partner academies committed to keeping them fully informed throughout the proposed transition process