Enrolment day for new starters into Year 12  this September is August 25th.

Enrolment Information
Enrolment will be open on GCSE Results Day. Students from The National Academy, Holgate Academy and The Queen Elizabeth’s Academy will be able to enrol at their home academy.
Students from other institutions should come to the centre to meet with Ms Cliffman from 9am to 1pm.

If students are unable to enrol in person on that day they should contact the people as below:

  • National Students: Email K Wall – kwall@nationalacademy.org.uk
  • Holgate/QEA students: Email S Hall – shall@diverseacademies.org.uk
  • Students from other schools: Call the centre – 0115 9681657


Bridging Tasks

The bridging tasks that all students should complete before joining us in September.
These can be found (If you do not have them already) at https://www.hsfc-ac.org.uk/curriculum/bridging-units-2022/ – They are intended to prepare you for Level 3 study at HSFC and will form part of your baseline assessments.