Last Tuesday (3rd July) all year 12 Students at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre were invited to attend the Road Traffic Collision (RTC) Awareness Day provided by Nottinghamshire Fire Service and Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership.

Students attended a presentation about the role of the fire service in road safety, and watched ‘Cassie’s Story’ – a video reconstruction of a real-life incident from several years ago, which formed the basis of the day’s activities. Cassie was a young driver who caused the deaths of her friends and another family by using her mobile phone while driving.

In the HSFC car park, students saw a set-up of the aftermath of Cassie’s incident and how the fire service made the vehicle and a trapped passenger safe, including the subsequent extrication. Together with the fire service, we also had members of the police on site, who showed how a driver can be breathalysed and arrested at the scene of a collision.

Students also took part in workshops with the Fire Service and Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership, together with witnessing a magistrate court scene related to the incident. Students were able to register their opinion about the case sentencing using an interactive keypad.

The day was intense and emotionally charged, as real-life case studies were discussed, often involving fatal outcomes. Many of our year 12 students are new drivers, or learning to drive, so reminding them of their responsibilities and the consequences of making bad decisions was very timely.

Thanks to Nottinghamshire Fire Service and Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership for their part in the day and supporting our students through what can be a difficult topic.

Well done also to student Chloe, who volunteered to play the part of Cassie – she participated in the incident, during which she was breathalysed, arrested, handcuffed and taken away in a police car – it was not an easy role to play, and is a very emotive subject, which she handled superbly.