Year 12 students at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre were given a stark reminder of the consequences to dangerous driving this week as part of a road safety day from Nottinghamshire’s emergency services.

The students were shown footage of a fatal collision and then invited to witness first-hand how the fire service would extract someone trapped in a vehicle in a live demonstration from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue.

In addition to the fire service we were also lucky enough to work with local magistrates, Nottinghamshire Police and the Nottinghamshire Road Safety Partnership team.

After lunch students heard from a mother whose son who was killed on the road at 18-years-old and the group went on to create a mock trial of an accused driver in a fatal collision. The students played the parts of the driver, solicitors, magistrates and family members, deciding at the end of the trial whether the accused should face jail or community service.

Special thanks go to everyone involved in helping to facilitate the road safety day and to the students for their maturity and sensitivity in all of the sessions.