On Tuesday this week (20th November 2018), a large group of our psychology and criminology students attended the Crime Conference 2018 in Nottingham. Students took part in a range of interesting and informative sessions focusing on hate crime, the science of lie detection (where we took part in an activity to see if we were good at detecting if someone was lying) and current research into domestic violence.

The day ended with a fascinating talk by Noel ‘Razor’ Smith, a former ‘professional’ criminal. He spoke about his experiences of crime and imprisonment, and how he changed his life to become a reformed character.

Year 13 student Leah said of the day, ‘There was a lot of interesting information about aspects of criminology, psychology and sociology which could potentially help students’ future aspirations.’ Robbie (also year 13) added, ‘There was a plethora of interesting and inspiring information covering a wide variety of topics.’ Chloe, meanwhile, reflected on Noel Smith’s experiences; ‘He spent over 30 years of his life in brutal prison environments and settings – his story was not only the most gripping part of the day but also the most captivating.’

The conference provided an intriguing insight into the world of criminology research, enhancing students’ understanding of this area of study and supporting the work they are currently doing in the classroom.