Students from our year 12 drama group had an exciting opportunity yesterday as they were given the chance to speak with established British actress Gina Murray.

The interview was conducted on FaceTime by Lewis, Heather and Isobel as part of their research into the lifestyle of and demands on professional actors – they will use the content of their conversation in a presentation as part of their assessment next term.

Gina, who has performed in a number of West End productions and been on TV shows such as Eastenders and The Bill, spoke to our students for twenty minutes about her career, answering the insightful questions our panel had devised.

We are very grateful to Gina for providing us with such a great vision of the life of a professional actor – she was impressed by our students saying they were a pleasure to talk to, and wishing them all the best with their future endeavours.

(PS – just to be clear, that’s not an actual photo of Gina on the phone… we didn’t manage to get one but wanted to show what it was like! 😉)