This week we have been joined at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre by Nottingham Trent University student Hannah Brown as we support an element of her masters study which fits in with this being Mental Health Awareness week.

Students from HSFC have volunteered to answer a questionnaire as part of Hannah’s study into adolescents’ psychological well-being and how much can be predicted by attachment (to parents and friends) and the dark triad of personality (narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy).

Hannah says, “I am conducting this study due to my interests in each subject area together with the current societal concern for psychological well-being of adolescents. Previous research has looked at attachment and psychological well-being, or dark triad and psychological well-being, but no research has yet look at all three simultaneously.”

The thought behind this research is that if each predictor variable (attachment and dark triad) predicts a moderate/large amount of psychological well-being then it could lead to the adaption of psychological well-being screening based on these factors which would lead to intervention.

We are proud to support Hannah and wish her all the best as she concludes her research.