Welcome to Hucknall Sixth Form Centre

In the absence of welcoming our incoming year 12 students for our usual Induction Day, we have our online version of this day.

Below you will find a whole range of resources that will help all students to find out more about Hucknall Sixth Form Centre before they start with us in September.

Our head of centre, Ms Cliffman, leads the way with an introduction assembly outlining our expectations of you as students and what you can expect as a student at HSFC. Our video tour of the building will also hopefully help to familiarise you with our facilities ahead of your first day.

Teachers at the centre have created a range of presentations, videos and sample lessons that we have made available to you. Please visit the subject areas you have chosen to study with us and find out more about your subjects there, working through the presentations and any tasks set therein.

We are really looking forward to having you with us on site as soon as we are able, as you start your post-16 education with us.

At the end of the day, please complete this form to register your attendance and to let us know which resources you accessed.


Bridging Units

The Bridging Units can be accessed here


Any Questions?

Answers to your questions can be found here: HSFC Induction FAQ Feedback

Introduction from Jude Cliffman, Head of Hucknall Sixth Form Centre

Campus tour

Subject resources