Why study chemistry?

The course will develop your interest in and enthusiasm for chemistry – learning about how the world works and how we can use scientific knowledge in a variety of contexts. You can expect to be challenged to think critically, analytically to work out the best ways to solve problems and you will develop skills in working logically and methodically to complete practical work.

The course is a mixture of theoretical work supported by relevant practical work, including the opportunities to plan and design your own experiments.

What will I learn about?

Organic chemistry – Carbon-based molecules that are used for fuels, medicines and proteins in living organisms. You will learn what they are made of, how to make them correctly in a lab and some of the subtle differences that can make a huge difference to how they are used and how they react.

Inorganic chemistry – Metallic and non-metallic elements and compounds, along with some of their uses. You will also learn about some of the techniques used by forensic scientists and laboratory workers to analyse samples to identify unknown samples and prove the purity of things they have produced.

Physical chemistry – The fundamental laws of nature that govern everything that we are and everything that we interact with. You will learn how atoms interact with each other, and answer questions like why ice floats on water, even though solids are usually more dense than liquids

Practical skills – You will learn how to work in a methodical, logical and clear way to plan and carry out an investigation as carefully and accurately as possible. You will be shown new techniques and procedures and get to use much more complex and accurate scientific apparatus.

How will I be assessed?

• Examinations
• Practical endorsement

Future pathways and careers

• Medicine
• Pharmacology
• Veterinary science
• Chemical engineering
• Science related disciplines

Course level

A Level and AS

Entry requirements

Two GCSEs at grade 6 in science and grade 5 in maths.

Examination board